Mountain Leader


After successful completion of the course "MOUNTAIN CLIMBER", the students may practice in a series of techniques in order to enhance the quality and safety of their climbs. "MOUNTAIN LEADER" qualification will allow them to perform independent ascents in routes of D category. A number of techniques are taught at the Mountain Leader program.

Complementary techniques studied in the MOUNTAIN LEADER program:

2 Level. Mountain Leader (ML).

Only holders of the "Mountain Climber" certificate or any equivalent from another training system are allowed to enter this course. A test of basic techniques performance is done before start. Minimum age requirement - 18 years.

Practical training:

1. Leadership in route.

2. Organization and asurance of intermediate anchor points.

3. Organization of descents in double rope.

4. Helping victims in small groups.

5. Self-rescue in pairs.

6. Recognition of the climbing area.

7. Climbing with instructor in fully secured routes.

8. Leading climbs in fully secured routes.

Upon completiion of this course and having mastered all climbing techniques as a group leader (from 2 to 4 ascents in D category routes are possible) the "MOUNTAIN LEADER" certificate in the form of a plastic card is granted.