Adventure Mountain Association (AMA) is an organization that has developed a number of training programs for mountaineers.

АМА has a network of clubs and certifying mountaineering schools in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Ascents and climbing, ski treks and climbs are a form of active tourism widespread nowadays that with devotion and desire are accessible to all.

АМА specialists have organized a series of courses of climbing, rock, ice climbing and skiing that meet the high standards of the UIAA.

Our systematic approach in training climbing is:

1. A preparation on stages of the climbers. A rigorous sequence of teaching methodology based on the application of modern equipment in accordance with the requirements of the UIAA.

2. A certification system for mountaineers of different levels of preparation. The Mountaineer certification corresponds to his(her) level of experience and the highest level of difficulty that he(she) can be overcome. For example: a climber trained in St. Petersburg or Crimea, upon arrival in Munich or Kazakhstan can confirm his readiness showing his certificate or license.

3. A unified database of certified climbers and instructors, amateur or professional.