Mountain Climber

In this course students learn the basics of mountaineering. Upon successful completing of the training classes the student receives the "MOUNTAIN CLIMBER" qualification, which allows him to climb routes of AD category, accompanied by an instructor.

1 Level. Mountain Climber (MC).

No previous experience is necessary. Minimum age - 18 years.

Theoretical lessons:

1. Forms of mountainous terrain. The processes of mountain formation.

2. Risks in the mountains. Security measures.

3. Particularities of the mountain climate and weather.

4. Guidance on mountain relief.

5. Human acclimatization in the mountains.

6. Modern climbing equipment.

7. Mountain diseases and their prophylactic. First aid.

8. Fundamentals climb planning.

9. High altitude food. The hydrological and salt balance.

10. Knots used in mountaineering.


Practical training:

1. Securing mechanisms.

2. Belaying from above.

3. Arrangement of climbing anchors and belays stations.

4. Rope team movement.

5. Teamwork.

6. Ascent and descent using fixed rope.

7. Principles of self-rescue.

8. Acting in extreme situations.

9. Recognition of the climbing area.

10. Climbing with instructor in secured routes.

Upon completion of this course and, having performed a series of 2 to 4 ascents in AD routes,  the "MOUNTAIN CLIMBER" certificate in the form of a plastic card is issued.