Mountain Master

Having completed the course "MOUNTAIN LEADER" you can improve your skills entering the "MOUNTAIN MASTER" program. For this purpose you need to pass 3 special training courses by your choice and 2 mandatory training programs on MEDICAL AID and RESCUE WORKS, Also you need to complete 25 ascents in TD category routes.


On completion of the training program "MOUNTAIN LEADER" you can opt to improve your skills entering this special course.

Basic specializations:

1. Rock Climbing (RC) - Ascents in rocky relief.

2. Ice Climbing (IC) – Ascents in icy relief.

3. Mixt Climbing (MXC) – Combined climbing.

4. Altitude Climbing (ALC) – High altitude climbing.

5. Winter Climbing (WC) – Climbing in winter.

6. Big Wall Climbing (BWC) – Climbing high walls.

7. Artificial Climbing (AC) – Climbing artificial structures

8. Ski Tour Climbing (STC) – Climbing with skis.

9. Medical Aid (MA) – Medical assistance.

10. Resque Work (RW) – Rescue operations.

Mountaineers who have sussefully completed the "MOUNTAIN LEADER" course, 5 specialties (Medical Aid and Resque Work are mandatory) and, also have performed 25 ascents to ТD category summits, are granted "MOUNTAIN MASTER" certificates.

Welcome to the course MOUNTAIN MASTER!