Altitude Mountain Climber

After completing the course "MOUNTAIN LEADER" you can continue improving your skills by entering the course "ALTITUDE MOUNTAIN CLIMBER". The habits acquired in this course will allow you to perform secure climbs on peaks over 5000 m. Altitude Mountain Climber course:

Theoretical lessons:

1. Special features of climbing in high altitude.

2. Physiology of the human body.

3. Physics of ascents in high altitude (partial pressure).

4. Acclimatization of the human body during high altitude climbing.

5. Weather conditions during high ascents.

6. Special high altitude equipment.

7. Plan and tactics in high climbing.

8. Danger of avalanches.

9. Organization of bivouacs.

10. Logistics of behavior and survival in extreme conditions.

11. Rules of interaction with helicopters.

12. Rules and ethics of radio communication.

Practical training:

1. Ascension to 5000 m.

2. Ascension to 6000 m.

3. Ascension to 7000 m.

Having completed the course and, being performed an ascent to a 7000 m. summit, the "ALTITUDE MOUNTAIN CLIMBER" certificate in the form of a plastic card is issued.