Winter Mountain Climber


Once the course "MOUNTAIN LEADER" is completed, you can improve your skills participating in the course "WINTER MOUNTAIN CLIMBER". AMA instructor will conduct a series of training in winter conditions to show the peculiarities of the ascents in that time of the year.

The program Winter Mountain Climber:

Theoretical lessons:

1. Particularities of climbing in winter.

2. Necessary equipment.

3. Requirements of the equipment.

4. Tactical planning of winter ascents.

5. Organization of bivouacs.

6. Avalanches risks.

Practical training:

1. Techniques of moving with crampons in rock relief.

2. Techniques and securing of movements in icy relief in winter.

3. Safety techniques of displacement in combined winter relief.

4. Organization of rescue works after avalanches.

5. Organization of bivouacs.

6. Winter climbing under supervision of instructor (from 2 to 4 climbs of D category).

After the course is completed and a practice assessment is performed the "WINTER MOUNTAIN CLIMBER" certificate is issued.

Welcome to the course WINTER MOUNTAIN CLIMBER!