Rock Mountain Climber


After finished the course "MOUNTAIN LEADER", you can increase your score on the course "ROCK MOUNTAIN CLIMBER". AMA instructor will teach you to climb safely on rock routes.

Rock Mountain Climber program:

Theoretical lessons:

1. Particularities of climbing in rocky relief.

2. Equipment used in rock climbing.

3. Tactics and planning of routes in rocky relief.

4. Unforeseen situations and prophylactics.

Practical training:

1. Free climbing on rocky relief.

2. Technical assurance.

3. Organization of belay stations.

4. Technical use of double ropes.

5. Technique of climbing using artificial suspension points.

6. Technical of ascent and descent with fixed ropes.

7. Organization of descents with double rope.

8. First Aid in rocky routes.

9. Rescue works in rocky relief.

10. Rock climbing under supervision of instructor (from 2 to 4 climbs of D category).

Having successfully finished the course a certificate "ROCK MOUNTAIN CLIMBER" is granted.

Welcome to the course ROCK MOUNTAIN CLIMBER!