Artificial Mountain Climber

After finishing the "MOUNTAIN LEADER" training course, you can improve your climbing skills in "ARTIFICIAL MOUNTAIN CLIMBING". In this course the AMA instructor will teach you how to perform any task involving climbing artificial structures (ASC) safely and accurately.  

Artificial Mountain Climbing program:

Artificial Climbing (AC) – (climbing across short and long multi pitch routes arranged on artificial structures - ASC)

In order to apply for this course “Rock Climbing (RC)” or its qualification equivalent is needed.

Before the course begins a test on basic skills is performed.

Contents of the training program:

1. Route classification in artificial structures ASC: “Old Wave”, “New Wave”. Safety improvements and estimation of artificial structures peculiarities. Evaluation criteria of the ASC route safety levels.

2. ASC components: hooks models and modifications, anchors, hanging bolts, chuck nuts, friends, sky hooks; type of walls reliefs, etc. Recommendations for short routes wall design А1-А4 (Top-roping).

3. ASC belying techniques: rope management, Daisy chain, cliff. Practical training.

4. Progressing equipment: belaying, ladders, cliffs, footloops. Practical training.  

5. Organization of belay point on ASC. Methods for securing anchor points while moving on ACS А3-А4. Intermediate and opposite counter balance systems. Practical training.

6. Changing from artificial points to free climbing and back. Practical training.

After finishing this specialized training course and having successfully acquired abilities in 5 control climbing routes А2-А2+ a "ARTIFICIAL MOUNTAIN CLIMBER" certificate in the form of a plastic card is granted.

Welcome to our training course ARTIFICIAL MOUNTAIN CLIMBING!