Big Wall Mountain Climber


Holders of "MOUNTAIN LEADER" certification can rise their category in climbing high walls by participating in the training course "BIG WALL MOUNTAIN CLIMBER". AMA instructor will teach them how to safely climb high walls of great difficulty.

Countains of the course "Big Wall Mountain Climber"

Theoretical lessons:

1. Peculiarities of climbing high walls.

2. Special equipment.

3. Tactical planning for climbing high walls.

4. Difficulties to overcome in high walls. Prophylactics.

5. Specific rescue operations during climbing in high walls.

Practical training:

1. High wall ascension techniques.

2. Carrying weight in high walls.

3. Organization of bivouacs in high walls.

4. Organization of urgent descents.

5. Rescue operations on high walls.

6. High wall climbing under the supervision of instructor (from 2 to 3 ascents of TD level).

After the course is completed a plastic card certificate "BIG WALL MOUNTAIN CLIMBER" is issued.

Welcome to the course BIG WALL MOUNTAIN CLIMBER!