Ice Mountain Climber


Having passed the course of Mountain Leader, you can continue to the next stage improving your techniques in the course "ICE MOUNTAIN CLIMBER". AMA instructor will teach you how to make safe routes for ice climbing and the particularities of this type of climbing.

Ice Mountain Climber course:

Theoretical lessons:

1. Special features of the ascents on ice.

2. Required Equipment.

3. Tactics of ice climbing.

Practical training:

1. Moving in icy relief.

2. Technical assurance.

3. Interaction of participants in ice climbing.

4. Descents techniques in icy relief.

5. Ascents on icy routes under supervision of instructor (from 2 to 4 climbs of D category).

After completion of the course and planned climbs are performed the "ICE MOUNTAIN CLIMBER" certificate is issued. 

Welcome to the course ICE MOUNTAIN CLIMBER!