Mixed Mountain Climber


Completed the course "MOUNTAIN LEADER" you can improve your skills in the course "MIXED MOUNTAIN CLIMBER". The АМА instructor will teach you how to ensure safe climbing on combined routes.

The program of the course MIXED MOUNTAIN CLIMBER:

Theoretical lessons:

1. Peculiarities of climbing in combined relief.

2. Special equipment for combined relief.

3. Tactics and planning ascents in combined relief.

4. Difficulties and prophylactic of ascents in combined relief.

5. Rescue works in combined relief.

Practical lessons:

1. Displacement techniques in combined relief.

2. Organization of assurance in combined relief.

3. Climbing with crampons and equipment in combined relief.

4. Interaction of participants during climbing in combined relief.

5. Rescue operations with limited resources in combined relief.

Upon completiion of this course and having mastered all climbing techniques as a group leader (from 2 to 4 ascents in D category) the "MIXED MOUNTAIN CLIMBER" certificate in the form of a plastic card is granted.  

Welcome to the course MIXED MOUNTAIN CLIMBER!