Dmitry Grekov


Dmitry Grekov

AMA instructor № 1502

Dmitry is the author of the project "New Ала Mountain Club" at the same time being instructor, guide and manager of the project “Mountaineering School in New Ala Archa”.

Dmitry knows mountains from childhood, while accompanying his father in many geological expeditions he participated. Thus, he was driven to sports and mountaineering from early years. Later he became a professional canoeist and rower.  Soon Dmitry was given the Sport Master Degree in rowing in 1986 and joined the mountaineering club at the Institute of Physical Culture. Finally, at the last mountaineering championship held in the former USSR in 1991in Ala Archa gorge, he finished in third position at the contest and got his Master Degree on Alpinism.

After the championship ended Dmitry was invited to join the Soviet Army Club team (TSKA) in Almaty, which allowed him to reach the highest of the world summits – The Mt. Everest at 8 848 m. By this date, Dmitry Grekov alone is the first Kyrgyzstan citizen to be proud of such achievement.  He also took part in expeditions to eight-thousanders in Nepal, Lhotse, Nanga Parbat and Manaslu. Dmitry holds the honorary title “Snow Leopard”, given to the ascenders of five seven-thousanders of the USSR – Lenin, Communism, Korjenevskaya, Khan Tengri and Pobeda.

At present Dmitry Grekov leads the training process at “New Ala Archa” mountaineering club.