Andrey Erokhin

         I was born in Frunze city, Kyrgyz SSR (present time Bishkek city, Republic of Kyrgyzstan). At the moment, I live and work at the same place. I'm a professional guide since 2004. I guide technical and high altitude climbing, ski-tour, backcountry skiing, rock-climbing, ice climbing, I provide training facilities and I organize trekking programs.           

         The main priorities for me in guiding are safety and success, this is why my favorite phrase is “Never climb with strangers”.           

         In 2011, I finished my training at the Kyrgyz Mountain Guide School which follows the IFMGA standards with the support of Mammut and the Swiss and British Mountain Guide Associations. I was qualified as mountain guide after that.        

         Since the Autumn of 2009, I'm a member of the Kyrgyz Mountain Guide Association KMGA, I'm an active instructor and examiner for the national Mountain guide courses. In 2012 I finished Mountaineering instructor school in Kyrgyzstan and I passed a special course for mountain rescue and first aid.

         Since 2004 , I'm working as a mountain guide in Kyrgyzstan, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, all over Tien-Shan, Pamir, East Sayan and the Baikal area. I arranged several ski tour and backcountry programs in the areas of Ala Archa national park, Suusamyr valley, Kyrghyz Ala Too, Chong Kemin gorge, Kumtor glacier, Terskey Ala Too.         

         During 2009-2015 - I worked as a high mountain guide in the Lenin Peak (7134 m) Khan Tengri Peak (7010 m), Pobeda Peak (7439 m) Muztag Ata Peak (7546 m). I have participated in 6 expeditions, as an expert of a mountaineering.     

         At the moment I have over 100 ascents of different difficulty, the most significant of which are : Pobeda peak (7439 m) 1 ascent, Lenin peak (7134 m) 13 ascents, Muztag Ata (7546 m) 1 ascent, Khan Tengri (7010 m) 1 ascent, Korona peak 1st tower ED2 Smirnov route, winter conditions, Free Korea peak ED1 George Lowe route, winter conditions, Bachachekey peak 4 routes ED1 Kusmenko, Shwab, Polik, Ilyshenko, Ak-Too peak TD route, first ascent, winter conditions, TD route Tarasova(Slovenia), winter conditions, Simagina peak TD+ route, winter conditions.               

         Sport climbing level: 7a-7b on sight, 7c-8a red point.


Mobile: +996550862673; +996773520624

Skype: extremal1984