Dahab Climbing Club invite to join on the rocks of Sinai!

Dahab Climbing Club. Alpinism in Sinai. Organization and carrying out climbing for everyone, from the beginners to the experienced sportsmen.

Climbing in Sinai goes back to biblical times, but in in 60-80 years of the twentieth century thanks to the Israeli climbers, it began to develop faster and faster.

The main climbing area of Sinai - Santa Caterina is situated 130 kilometers from Dahab. At different times there were discovered and described more than 150 climbing routes of various difficulty level http://www.sinaiclimb.h12.ru and there are still a large number of undiscovered lines.

In the immediate vicinity of Dahab there are several climbing polygons equipped bolt tracks and reliable stations. We have built two new climbing routes on the mountain Laba seven kilometers from Dahab.

We invite people who are interested in mountain climbing to join us on the rocks of Sinai! Here there are worthy trails for everyone, from the beginners to the experienced climbers.


New Ala-Archa is waiting you this spring!

Spring climbing courses in Ala-Archa begin soon and "Ak-Sai Travel" company offer you to join for the next dates:

  • from 1st till 12th of May 2018
  • from 1st till 12th of July 2018
  • from 15 till 26th of July 2018
  • from 29th of July till 9th August 2018 
  • from 12th till 23rd of August 2018