Dahab Climbing Club

Dahab Climbing Club. Alpinism in Sinai. Organization and carrying out climbing for everyone, from the beginners to the experienced sportsmen.

Climbing in Sinai goes back to biblical times, but in in 60-80 years of the twentieth century thanks to the Israeli climbers, it began to develop faster and faster.

The main climbing area of Sinai - Santa Caterina is situated 130 kilometers from Dahab. At different times there were discovered and described more than 150 climbing routes of various difficulty level http://www.sinaiclimb.h12.ru and there are still a large number of undiscovered lines.

In the immediate vicinity of Dahab there are several climbing polygons equipped bolt tracks and reliable stations. We have built two new climbing routes on the mountain Laba seven kilometers from Dahab.

We invite people who are interested in mountain climbing to join us on the rocks of Sinai! Here there are worthy trails for everyone, from the beginners to the experienced climbers. 


Mikhail Khomenyuk
instructor AMA N 1505

The author of the project "Dahab Climbing Club". Guide to Sinai climbing routes. Mikhail Khomenyuk, was born in Moscow in 1973. Started climbing in 1978 - made the ascent by climbing the classified route 1B K. C. with his father – the master of sports on tourism Yury Vladimirovich Khomeyiuk, to the peak height of 4100 m in the Zailiyskiy Ala-Tau, Northern Tien-Shan. Since then has done mountaineering in the Tien Shan, Pamiro-Alai, Pamir, Caucasus, polar Urals, the Crimea, the United Arab Emirates, Sinai. Five times rose to the peaks of above 7000 meters. I sports category in mountaineering. In 1996 graduated from Moscow State University majoring in Geography, Cryolithology, Glaciology. He worked as a stuntman from 2001 to 2005. In 2006-2008 he worked in the "Children's Extreme Project" - participated in organizing and conducting tourism and mountaineering activities with orphans. Awarded a diploma of the festival "Verge of the Extreme" for the best children's expedition 2007. Worked as a guide on Elbrus. Worked guide the company AK-SAI travel on the southern Inylchek glacier and Lenin peak. In 2014 descended on skis from Lenin peak on the Northern slope as a guide. Since 2008 also works as a scuba diving instructor. PADI IDC STAFF INSTRUCTOR. NDL INSTRUCTOR Rank 2. Since 2011 works as a tour guide on Sinai mountain climbing routes. Hobby is Windsurfing. 2015 working as a Windsurfing instructor.))


Dmitry Grekov

Dmitry Grekov

AMA instructor № 1502

Dmitry is the author of the project "New Ала Mountain Club" at the same time being instructor, guide and manager of the project “Mountaineering School in New Ala Archa”.

Dmitry knows mountains from childhood, while accompanying his father in many geological expeditions he participated. Thus, he was driven to sports and mountaineering from early years. Later he became a professional canoeist and rower.  Soon Dmitry was given the Sport Master Degree in rowing in 1986 and joined the mountaineering club at the Institute of Physical Culture. Finally, at the last mountaineering championship held in the former USSR in 1991in Ala Archa gorge, he finished in third position at the contest and got his Master Degree on Alpinism.

After the championship ended Dmitry was invited to join the Soviet Army Club team (TSKA) in Almaty, which allowed him to reach the highest of the world summits – The Mt. Everest at 8 848 m. By this date, Dmitry Grekov alone is the first Kyrgyzstan citizen to be proud of such achievement.  He also took part in expeditions to eight-thousanders in Nepal, Lhotse, Nanga Parbat and Manaslu. Dmitry holds the honorary title “Snow Leopard”, given to the ascenders of five seven-thousanders of the USSR – Lenin, Communism, Korjenevskaya, Khan Tengri and Pobeda.

At present Dmitry Grekov leads the training process at “New Ala Archa” mountaineering club.


New Ala Archa Mountain Club

The New Ala Archa Mountain Club is located in Bishken, Kyrgyzstan, 113/2 Ibraimov str., Kyrgyzstan inside the office of the tour company “Ak Sai Travel”. Club contacts: tel +996312909356; email: adventure3@ak-sai.com

Our club conducts mountaineering training courses in “Ala Archa Base Camp” located in one of the gorges of the Kyrgyz range of the Tian Shan mountain chain. The camp has a convenient location very close to the city of Bishkek at only 40 minutes driving. New Ala Archa Mountain Club organizes sport training reliefs for alpinist based on fixed timetable. You can also be offered a personal training outside the fixed schedules. The camp operates the whole year round.

The mountaineering base camp Ala Archa is unique by its location and proximity to a wide range of alpinist routes. The terrain is very interesting for both professional alpinists and novices. You can be offered the services of experienced guides and instructors, who will conform the training course according to your knowledge and skills. In Ala Archa it is possible to try all diversity of trail paths from ice, rock or even mixed routes!

Our mountain club in association with the tour company “Ak Sai Travel” also offers trekking programs combined with climbs to the well-known seven-thousanders Lenin (7 134 m), Khan Tengri (7 010 m) and Pobeda (7 439 m).


Andrey Erokhin

         I was born in Frunze city, Kyrgyz SSR (present time Bishkek city, Republic of Kyrgyzstan). At the moment, I live and work at the same place. I'm a professional guide since 2004. I guide technical and high altitude climbing, ski-tour, backcountry skiing, rock-climbing, ice climbing, I provide training facilities and I organize trekking programs.           

         The main priorities for me in guiding are safety and success, this is why my favorite phrase is “Never climb with strangers”.           

         In 2011, I finished my training at the Kyrgyz Mountain Guide School which follows the IFMGA standards with the support of Mammut and the Swiss and British Mountain Guide Associations. I was qualified as mountain guide after that.        

         Since the Autumn of 2009, I'm a member of the Kyrgyz Mountain Guide Association KMGA, I'm an active instructor and examiner for the national Mountain guide courses. In 2012 I finished Mountaineering instructor school in Kyrgyzstan and I passed a special course for mountain rescue and first aid.

         Since 2004 , I'm working as a mountain guide in Kyrgyzstan, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, all over Tien-Shan, Pamir, East Sayan and the Baikal area. I arranged several ski tour and backcountry programs in the areas of Ala Archa national park, Suusamyr valley, Kyrghyz Ala Too, Chong Kemin gorge, Kumtor glacier, Terskey Ala Too.         

         During 2009-2015 - I worked as a high mountain guide in the Lenin Peak (7134 m) Khan Tengri Peak (7010 m), Pobeda Peak (7439 m) Muztag Ata Peak (7546 m). I have participated in 6 expeditions, as an expert of a mountaineering.     

         At the moment I have over 100 ascents of different difficulty, the most significant of which are : Pobeda peak (7439 m) 1 ascent, Lenin peak (7134 m) 13 ascents, Muztag Ata (7546 m) 1 ascent, Khan Tengri (7010 m) 1 ascent, Korona peak 1st tower ED2 Smirnov route, winter conditions, Free Korea peak ED1 George Lowe route, winter conditions, Bachachekey peak 4 routes ED1 Kusmenko, Shwab, Polik, Ilyshenko, Ak-Too peak TD route, first ascent, winter conditions, TD route Tarasova(Slovenia), winter conditions, Simagina peak TD+ route, winter conditions.               

         Sport climbing level: 7a-7b on sight, 7c-8a red point.

Email: aclimber84@gmail.com

Mobile: +996550862673; +996773520624

Skype: extremal1984


Mountaineering School "Category of Difficulty"

Mountaineering School "Category of Difficulty" named after A.M.Stavnitsera operates all year round since 2008. It is engaged in the preparation of mountaineering and climbing instructors, mountain climbers, ice and rock climbers from beginners to masters. A large part of the school programs are implemented on the rocks of the Crimean peninsula, but some programs (ice climbing course and climbing course in the Giant Mountains) are carried out in the Caucasus, and sometimes - in other mountain systems. The Supervisor of the school program is the world-class athlete, trainer of 1st category, AMA instructor Mikhail Alexandrovich Sitnik. The School staff is completed with experienced instructors in mountaineering. At the same time the school arranges programs for groups and events for up to 70 participants.

School Site http://alpclub.ucoz.ru/

Web Page http://vk.com/kategoriya_trudnosti

For more information about the school programs and activities you can visit http://www.risk.ru/blog/user/sitnik

E-mail contact: rockspot@yandex.ru

Phone: +7 978 846 27 92

phone:+7 978 846 27 92

Mikhail Sitnik

Mikhail Sitnik, born on 1951, world-class athlete, started mountain and rock climbing in the very distant 1968. Since then, he has made more than 500 ascents in different mountain categories, 18 of them in the higher, sixth level of difficulty.

Best ascents: High altitude: 1993. Kangchenjunga 8586 m. along the eastern spur.  From the crest (3rd ascent of 6B level).

1987 Khan Tengri 6995 m. Through north wall The first ascent of 6B level.

1989 p.Korzhenevskoy by the southern edge of 5B level Ice:

1985 Shkhara. Main route on the north wall (mt Kraynova) 2nd ascent of 5B level.

1988 p.Baytor by the north wall. First ascent of 5B level.

1988 p.Armstrong by the north wall. First ascent of 5B level.

1989 Ulla-tau (mt Abalakova) winter ascent. 5B level.

Technically complex:

1984 South Ushba  along the SE wall. (Mt Kustovskiy) 2nd ascent of 6B level.

1985 Chatyn (mt Livshits) 2nd ascent of 5B level.

1989 p.4810 m (Odessa) by the east wall. First ascent of 6B level.

1990 p.Asan by the left spur. First ascent of 6A level.

1990 Traversed Asan horseshoe -4810- 1000 years. - P.Kotina.  Aascent of 6B level.


1986.  P. Asan by the middle of NW wall. Ascent of 6A level.

1987 Asan by the NW wall (mt Morozov) 2nd ascent of 6A level.

1990 Asan by the NW wall (mt Timofeev) 6B k.sl

Mikhail Sitnik is multiple champion and winner of the USSR championship in mountaineering.

He has been coaching sport teams since 1979, and has prepared 14 masters of sports. He is the founder and creator of the Mountaineering School "Category of Difficulty."

Alpindustria Mountaineering School

Every lover of the mountains regardless of his fitness and level of experience can join the Mountanieering School. Novice climbers will be able to make their first steps under the guidance of qualified instructors. For advanced athletes it is a great opportunity to improve their techniques and to climb with a team of professionals. The Mountaineering School includes lectures, practical classes in the city and trips to the mountains. Classes are conducted by experienced guides who have been trained in IFMGA techniques at the Russian School of Mountain Guides

Directions of the Mountaineering School:

- First aid

- Avalanche Safety

- Ski tour

- Mountaineering

- Trail running

Courses schedule: http: //alpindustria.ru/school/lessons/

phone:8 495 645 57 73

Sergey Kovalev

Sergei Kovalyov, born 08.13.1966 in the town of Leninsk-Kuznetsk, province of Kemerovo, Russia. He studied at the Donetsk Polytechnic Institute Mining Faculty. At this moment he lives in  Moscow. Sergei has de degree of International Master of Sports and  Mountaineering Instructor and Instructor of rock climbing, Diving Instructor, NDL.He is ten times champion of Ukraine, twice champion of CIS, twice champion of Moscow in mountaineering, Champion and prize winner of the Championship of Russia on mountaineering. More than 70 ascents of 5-6 level of difficulty.Best ascents:

Annapurna 8091 m (mt Bonington) 1996. Cho Oyu 8201 m (classic) 1997 Pumori 7165 m (Japanese mt) in 1998 Ama Dablam 6848 m (SW ridge) 1998, 2006 2011 Everest 8848 meters (from the north), the descent of the victim from the height of 8600 m 1999 m 8511 Lhotse (Yu.stena) up to 7400 m. 2000 (EMERCOM of Russia expedition on middle Lhotse). Shisha Pangma 8027 m (Classic) 2007 Manaslu 8156 m (west wall n / passing) 2003 Mount Everest 8,848 m (From the South on the classics) 2008 Amin Brakk 6-B of Pakistan Karakoram as part of Russian Extreme Project team. 2004 Torres del Pain (mt Golatsio 6b / A4) Chile's Patagonia in the team of the Mountain club of Moscow. 2007Climbing under the "7 Summits" program: Elbrus (5642m) Europe 50+ Aconcagua (6962m) South America 8 times Kilimanjaro (5895m) Africa 7 times. Everest (8848m) Asia 2008 peak Kosciuszko (2228m) Australia 2010 McKinley (6194m) North America 2010 peak of Vinson (4894 m), Antarctica 2010Guiding experience and program manager since 1992.