Objectives of the AMA The mission of the AMA  

The mission of the AMA is the popularization of mountaineering, the improvement of the security levels of climbing, the environmental protection and its conservation for future generations. The high standards in the field of mountain sports, its observation by amateurs and professionals, and the creation of a mechanism of control over the implementation of these standards, are the instruments for fulfilling that mission.

The objectives and assignments of the AMA:

1. Preparation and training of climbers, from amateur to professional levels. 2. The development and promotion of education programs and media, plus videos for the preparation of skiers and mountaineers. 3. The popularization of alpinism. 4. Raising the level of safety in mountaineering. 5. The popularization of ski-mountaineering 6. Improvement of the quality of services in the field of mountaineering. 7. Increasing the degree of responsibility of the professional mountaineering. 8. The protection of the environment. 9. Support and assistance of professional mountaineering.