Дахабский горный клубDahab Climbing Club

Alpinism in Sinai. Organization and carrying out climbing for everyone, from the beginners to the experienced sportsmen. Climbing in Sinai goes back to biblical times, but in in 60-80 years of the twentieth century thanks to the Israeli climbers, it began to develop faster and faster. We invite people who are interested in mountain climbing to join us on the rocks of Sinai! Here there are worthy trails for everyone, from the beginners to the experienced climbers. 


New Ала-Арча Горный КлубNew Ala Archa Mountain Club

Our club conducts mountaineering training courses in “Ala Archa Base Camp” located in one of the gorges of the Kyrgyz range of the Tian Shan mountain chain. The camp has a convenient location very close to the city of Bishkek at only 40 minutes driving. New Ala Archa Mountain Club organizes sport training reliefs for alpinist based on fixed timetable. You can also be offered a personal training outside the fixed schedules. The camp operates the whole year round.